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2024 Shepherds Fold Luncheon

Shepherds Fold proudly announces its upcoming luncheon featuring esteemed guests Rep. Spencer Bachus and Carla Crowder, Executive Director of Alabama Appleseed, to be held at The Club on Thursday, October 10, 2024. Attendees will enjoy a delightful sit-down meal amidst the stunning vistas of Birmingham’s Grand Ballroom.

2023 Shepherds Fold Luncheon

Did You Know?

For 37 years, Shepherds Fold has led the charge as Alabama's premier re-entry program, steadfastly providing hope and second chances to countless individuals since 1986. Our mission is clear: to empower and equip men at risk of incarceration or recidivism with opportunities that support successful life transformations to strengthen and create productive members of society. With a remarkable success rate, 99% of our residents are gainfully employed and remain law-abiding citizens, testament to lives genuinely transformed by our program.

About Us

Through strategic partnerships with local colleges, businesses, and community stakeholders, Shepherds Fold ensures our residents receive top-tier support and opportunities for successful reintegration. This collaborative effort not only benefits our residents but also enhances public safety, reduces taxpayer burdens, and lowers recidivism rates.

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We invite you to explore the enclosed sponsorship opportunities and consider joining us in our mission to restore hope and create safer communities. Your support will enable us to continue serving an often-overlooked population, offering the gift of a second chance to thousands of Alabama residents. Together, let’s build a brighter future for all.


Resident Testimonies

“Jesus proclaimed He came to set the captives free. There are many prison/jail ministries that go in the prisons and preach that Good News. However, there are very few that take men and women out of prison and teach them HOW to live and walk this new life. The entire team at Shepherds Fold is committed to just that, regardless of cost or personal involvement.

    I was diagnosed with stage three non-small cell lung cancer while incarcerated. No facility was willing to take on my incapacitation. I was “dead weight” and not likely to be productive to the financial aspect of a non-profit facility. Shepherds Fold took me in without hesitation and allowed me to extend my stay at the facility. They not only provide me room and board, but they make sure I get to all the treatments and doctor’s appointments as well as constantly check on my well being. Sure, salvation is of the utmost importance, but learning how to live that life is vital to successful living in this life. Like Jesus did, Shepherd’s Fold not only tells you how to live, they show everyone of us how to be “free indeed.”

Larry S.

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Would you like to give monthly to support our mission to help people leaving prison achieve genuine life transformation and become contributing members of society? Donate through our National Christian Founation account!

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