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Vision & Mission

Vision: Shepherds
Fold strives to transform lives from the inside out by providing care and
services through our Christ-centered transitional program. Shepherds Fold is
committed to helping men create positive change physically, mentally, and

Mission: The mission of Shepherds Fold is to empower and equip men at risk of incarceration or recidivism with opportunities that support successful life transformations to strengthen and create productive members of society.

Shepherds Fold Calling & History

  • Started in 1986 by Mary Kay Beard and her husband Don Beard. The Shepherds Fold stands as the most experienced, longest running successful prison re-entry ministry in the state of Alabama.
  • Shepherds Fold primarily thrives through the loving support of men and women, numerous churches and organizations throughout the greater Birmingham community.
  • Currently, we operate our 25,600 square foot men’s center in the Brownsville area of Birmingham near Lawson State College. We also own and operate apartments in the West End neighborhood caring for graduates. 

Shepherds Fold Success Indicators and Expansion Goals

  • Our success rate is unsurpassed. Graduates of Shepherds Fold have approximately 3% recidivism.
  • We seek to grow to an annual budget of $550,000 for 2024 fiscal year ending December 2024.
  • We continue to provide career enhancement, rehabilitation and life skills in the most cost-efficient way.
  • We strive to develop our impact on the local community through relationships and partnerships with businesses, local, city and governmental representatives.


Shepherds Fold is an accredited member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability (ECFA). ECFA was created to provide guidelines for responsible stewardship of donated funds, which they termed the Seven Steps of Responsible Stewardship. Guidelines Shepherds Fold has diligently embraced since 2004.


Shepherds Fold Results-to-Date


for Graduates of our six-month residential program remaining out of prison
0 %
Lives Transformed.

Pray With Us

  • Pray for restoration and reconciliation for the men entering our program.
  • Pray that these men can build relationships that contribute to their growth and success emotionally, professionally, and spiritually as they re-enter society.
  • Pray that the men going through our program will get to know Jesus Christ and the salvation, redemption, and love that He offers, so that these men may be saved.
  • Pray for provision for these men’s physical needs, so that they may not struggle as they are transformed into contributing members of society.
  • Pray that these men may find employment despite their past imprisonment, and pray for their success in the jobs that they are provided.
  • Pray for good health for the men going through our program and for our staff.
  • Pray for wisdom and God’s guidance for the Shepherds Fold staff and Board of Directors.

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